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Monday, 2 July 2012


I'm currently working on two projects, 100 photographs based on colour and texture on the street and 100 collages on an array of topics.
I was going to wait til they were all finished before I uploaded them. But I might just break and start posting them as I go along.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

People Of Print

I've been a little quiet on the blog front recently. This is down to a heavy jubilee weekend aaaand my new internship with People of Print. 
I'm currently blogging for their website, hammering on about print artists, events and the stuff I drool over and often spend a small fortune on. 

I'll still be posting about my own work but instead of double posting my interests i'll pop up the links on here. So keep you're eyes peeled and I dearly hope you enjoy all thats to come.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sneaky look...

Linocut crow skull print.
200 in the making for Ballad Of magazines launch party, pop along and find these in the goody bags!

Re-covering a lampshade

I've never recovered a lampshade before, but i convinced myself it could be done.
As i always seem to.

Bought some vintage lampshades on ebay and stripped them, image transferred some 1920's birthday postcards onto fabric and stitched it all together.
They were for a friends birthday and i left it last minute, my sewing machine decided to pack in so it ended up hand sewn and a bit rushed. At least i know its do-able, and she loved the sentiment behind the postcards!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Lamb Bookshop Window

The Lamb Bookshop, Lambs Conduit street WC1N

A nature inspired window.

Me and my honey-combs.

Daisy's fabric leaves, Emma's flowers and gorgeous tree stumps and Lizzy's heart melting Deer and Owl. 

Setting up.

Messing around.

Paper Scissors Collective logo and

Honey comb and bees.

The team and our finished window (minus the books).
L-R: Daisy Cook, Myself, Emma Fisher and Lizzy Holbrook.

I can safely speak for everyone and say we adored making this window, from initial ideas, making and installing. We're also looking to do another window, please contact if interested.

See our collective portfolio at

More images to be added when my film is developed.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Nature Window Display

The window display our Collective is working on goes up tomorrow afternoon at The Lamb Bookshop on Lambs Conduits Street, WC1N.

We've been very excited about working on this project with Ben and Harriet from the lovely independant bookshop. A nature themed/woodland display is what we decided on to catch the imagination of children and adults alike, here's my contribution to the display so far.

I learnt how to make these decorative spheres for this project. 
So easy and very pretty.

Honeycomb paper spheres in different sizes, to be accompanied by fabric bees made by Daisy and wings by myself.

Yummy mushroom textures.  

Wild toadstools from brown wrapping paper and old book pages.

Wire inside the stems means i can bend them around once in the display to make them seem more natural.
Time consuming to make but utterly satisfying once completed.

 Although a lot more basic to make, once attached to the thin wire these butterflies should create movement and flow in the display. Will work so well with Emma's flowers.

 To see Daisy, Lizzy and Emma's work pop over to our Paper Scissor Collective site: 

You'll have to be patient and wait til tomorrow evening to see the full window.